Patons Butchers Largs

The following report was commissioned by Allan Dewar Paton, butcher, Largs, from Chris Paton (unrelated) of the Scotland's Greatest Story genealogy research service, in October 2008. Additional research was also requested to help flesh out the stories of those earlier Patons who came before him.

The Paton family of Largs

Allan had in his possession many notes and trees handed to him over the years, with a desire to corroborate and collate them all into a single report that would definitively take the Paton story back to the Covenanter Captain John Paton, if possible, from whom the family tradition claims descent.

The family was examined by going back through the generations, both through direct ancestors and their siblings. Little effort has been made at following the sibling's lines forwards, though some information has been gathered from various sources, including members of the Paton Family History Forum, to whom thanks are given.

During the research some interesting stories emerged on the formation and development of the family's butcher firm in both Largs, West Kilbride and Skelmorlie, connections to Australia and the United States of America, including ranch holdings in the state of Nevada, the Suffragettes, Presbyterian dissent, involvement in civic affairs in Largs, and considerably more.

The following is a history of Allan's family in Largs...

Patons Butchers Largs